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Financial statements help you manage and gain insights into your business. Call our Virtus Consulting team at 431-808-0159 for expert, detailed financial concepts and planning.

Corporate Financial Statements
in Winnipeg

At Virtus Consulting, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and expertise in preparing financial statements. 

Professionally prepared reports make it easier to understand your business’s financial status in order to make well-informed corporate decisions. Private investors, shareholders, and bankers rely on your accurate financial reports to give them an accurate representation of your company.

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Do You Need a Financial Statement?

Both the short and long answers are yes. According to Canadian law, all public and some non-public companies must have an annual audit. A financial statement should include as much detailed information as possible for your audit to progress smoothly.

Your financial statement gives an overview of your financial data, from business activities to assets, liabilities, and equity. The summary helps you during an audit by fiscal authorities, like government agencies, accountants, and any other body that needs the information. 

The most common financial statements include:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Comprehensive income statements
  • Statements of changes in shareholder equity

The first three are the most common in a financial statement as compared to the others.

Annual reports require financial statements to display a corporation’s financial health and earnings potential in plain detail. 

Without them, how can potential investors properly gauge their interest in your business without this solid evidence?

Additionally, financial statements help tremendously in corporate development and ease building a continuous business plan. For example, you can understand the limitations of your corporation by knowing your current equity and projected earnings. This knowledge often leads to wiser financial decision making and business processes, increasing company success.

What Levels of Assurance Do We Offer?

Our associates at Virtus Consulting are experts in writing and reviewing corporate financial statements in Winnipeg. We cater our services to your needs, with different assurance levels for whichever works best for you. Our experience assists in all situations, whether you are just finishing the first year of your business or have a dedicated financial director for the past 20 years.

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Financial Audit

This level of assurance prepares you for filing taxes or audits from fiscal authorities or stakeholders. Our audit assures you that your business has the required documents and information for an easy review.

We systematically and objectively examine current financial statements and corroborate the information with present evidence. Our work includes reviewing internal controls, third-party communication verification, confirming transactions, and more. 

We may also:

  • Test current documenting methods
  • Re-quantify cash disbursements for accuracy
  • Review documented sales, receipts, expenses, etc.
  • Physically inspect your inventory counting methods
  • Communicate with clients, banks, vendors, and attorneys for pertinent information

Our audit process extensively analyzes and assures that your records are accurate, promoting trust between your business and the auditing party. We ensure that your data has verifiable evidence to help protect you from fraud, mismanagement, and legal penalties. A credible and well-cataloged business creates fewer stressors than one with disorganized financial documentation.


A financial review is less extensive than an audit but can be just as crucial to the functioning of your business. Some third-party authorities, such as banks and their lending covenants, require financial reviews as part of their process. Reviews are also helpful for internal business development.

Reviews primarily entail analyzing current financial statements and records. We do not associate with third parties, instead receiving and assessing documents from internal departments, such as current bookkeeping management. If our inspection finds any potentially conflicting information, we may utilize additional methods to affirm the accuracy of your corporate records.

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In the best cases, we assure the probable accuracy of your financial statements and their accordance with Canadian accounting standards. Otherwise, our expert CPA may advise you to take further action to be within legal requirements and let you know how to do so.

A business concept and financial plan are crucial for faster and improved corporate development. Knowing that your accounting is within standards, your team can review report files and focus on meeting business plan benchmarks. While a financial review can prepare you for future audits, it can also help evaluate your current business status.

Financial Compilation or Notice
to Readers

In financial compilations, we prepare the corporate financial statements in Winnipeg without auditing or reviews. Instead, we present the company and its finances on a management-provided basis without inquiries or analytical investigations. 

Our CPA will compile the information based on our accounting expertise and a broad understanding of your business’s functions.

We do not affirm the accounting standards of the information, instead focusing on placing it in simplified, clearly understandable documents. We highly suggest an audit or review for your investors and fiscally-prominent parties. However, you can use compilations for internal or external means to provide a general overview of your business finances.

Many smaller companies use compilations instead of reviews and audits for small loans requiring collateral. Financial compilations are also helpful for situations when a tax return would not be enough information.

Financial compilations usually include:

  • Title, Including the accountant’s association with the business
  • Addressee(s)
  • Introductory paragraph with specific information
  • Management’s responsibility to provide fair statements
  • Accountant’s responsibility to explain our involvement
  • Accountant signature
  • Accountant report date

Use Virtus Consulting for Your Financial Reports

The various files and confirmations necessary for many of the monetary needs of your business often require extensive documentation. 

Our associates at Virtus Consulting know how much time arranging your financial statements can take. When you need to spend time doing what makes your business flourish, we can come in to cover your financial assessments.

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At Virtus Consulting, we boast Winnipeg’s top accountants for corporate financial statements. Rely on us to compile, review, or audit your documents for business and legal transactions.