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So how do you find a corporate tax accountant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that’s perfect for your business? No problem. You’ve come to the right place! Call us today to discuss your needs. 

Virtus Consulting is a premier full-service Winnipeg corporate tax accountant. Whether your company needs to outsource bookkeeping, corporate taxes, or financial consultation, our team is ready to take on any task. Contact us today to save your valuable time and resources. 

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Have You Considered Contracting a Corporate Tax Accountant on an As-Needed Basis?

Are you a business owner, Chief Financial Officer, or Finance Director of a business in the Winnipeg area? You may not have the accounting staff in-house to handle all your needs, especially when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That’s where we at Virtus Consulting come in.

As corporate tax accountants in Winnipeg, we manage your business’s tax returns, prepare future tax strategies, and provide other professional services. Our CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) will ensure that your financial records are accurate and follow CRA laws and regulations.

In addition to tax return filing, our corporate tax accountant will actively work to prevent audits and make suggestions for your company to prepare for the forthcoming tax season and enhance your financial strategies. 

Who Is Virtus Consulting?

At Virtus Consulting, we are a top-tier accounting firm in Winnipeg that provides an entire catalogue of professional accounting services, including corporate tax services. Headed by owner and founder Blair Henderson, CPA and CGA, our firm consists of a skilled team of finance professionals to handle your accounting needs.

We provide tax assistance and financial business services throughout Canada’s provinces and territories. If you want to take control of your corporate bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes, you can turn to us at Virtus Accounting for either seasonal, year-round, or occasional assistance.

What Can a Corporate Tax Accountant in Winnipeg Do for Me?

Hiring a chartered professional accountant for your corporate taxes takes all of the guesswork out of your accounting and finance work, ultimately saving a business’s financial director time and, very likely, stress.

Whether you are a startup business or a Fortune-500 corporate giant, Canadian corporate taxes require a lot of work and resources. 

Corporate Tax Returns

The Canada Revenue Agency states that all resident corporations (except crown corporations, Hutterite colonies, and specific resident charities) have to file a T2 income tax return every tax year. You must file a T2 even if you have no tax payable for the fiscal year. This CRA tax rule also applies to the following:

  • Tax-exempt corporations
  • Non-resident corporations 
  • Inactive corporations 
  • Non-profit organizations 

We can help you file your T2 accurately and on time.  

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Corporation Tax Filing and Accounting Made Easy

Juggling numerous tasks while trying to run a business can become quite overwhelming. Alleviate that daunting to-do list and trust our accounting experts to assist you with the tasks that need delegating. Our chartered professional accountant services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Bookkeeping: Keep your receipts organized and expenses recorded for when tax time comes around; simple tax prep made easy.
  • Payroll: Efficient, secure, and fast payment processing ensures that your company’s employees get paid on time.
  • GST and PST filing: We take all the stress out of filing GST and PST and manage the process throughout every step.
  • Business tax returns: We’ve helped thousands of businesses with their corporate taxes — and we can help you, too.
  • Business consulting: Meet with our team and discuss your business’s mission and what direction you want to go. We’ll then work with you to develop the perfect strategy for your company’s success.  
  • Financial statement preparation: We understand that financial statements can pile up. Let our team ease up the work for your CFO and financial directors. Financial statements are our specialty!  
  • Personal tax returns: Why stop with corporate taxes? Let us make your life easier by filing your personal tax returns as well.

Does My Company Really Need a CPA?
Take a Look at These Additional Benefits

Sure, it’s fantastic to have a licensed professional handle your bookkeeping and taxes. However, having a chartered professional accountant includes some additional advantages that some business owners tend to overlook. 

Here are a few benefits of hiring a CPA for your corporate taxes and accounting tasks: 

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Owning a business—or directing its finance team—can be time-consuming. Budget planning, monthly reports, marketing, payroll—a person can only do so much without burning out. By contracting with a corporate tax accountant, you can focus on what matters most. 


A busy owner or CFO can make a simple mistake, such as unintentionally entering the wrong income amount for taxes, for example. Mistakes happen, and let’s face it—the entire tax process isn’t the most intuitive. Hiring a corporate tax accountant who knows how to navigate the process easily will not only help you when an error arises but will prevent future inaccuracies when filing.  


Canadian tax law is always changing, and people aren’t always aware of how CRA laws and policies can affect them. It is a vital duty of corporate tax accountants to stay well-informed about changes in tax laws and industry trends. A well-informed CPA from our firm will share updates with you.  

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Corporate Tax Returns

Virtus Consulting is your full-service corporate tax accountant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We’ve been helping businesses for over 16 years. Book a free consultation using our online contact form, or give us a call at (431) 808-0159 to get started today! 

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