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What Kind of Virtual CFO Services
Does Virtus Consulting Offer?

How can hiring a fractional CFO help you achieve your business goals faster? Every finance professional on the Virtus Consulting team has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help your company manage its finances with greater intelligence and efficiency.

Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)
Bookkeeping Service

Although we’re a leading provider of virtual CFO services for small and medium-sized businesses, we also have the resources and skills to manage the finances of high-growth companies and accommodate rapid scaling.

Here are some of the many CFO services we provide our clients:

  • Standard bookkeeping and accounting tasks
  • Forecasting cash, expenses, profit, and revenue
  • Developing monthly and annual budgets
  • Providing expert financial planning
  • Negotiating and refinancing debt
  • Optimizing monthly cash flow
  • Managing tax returns and filings
  • Communicating with lenders, banks, and investors
  • Evaluating customer acquisition expenses
  • Analyzing business acquisitions
  • Fostering consistent financial growth

Why Should You Partner With a Fractional CFO From Virtus Consulting?

Why should you choose fractional CFO services from our company? It’s simple:

  • Personalized service: We tailor our financial services to meet the needs of your business.
  • Comprehensive support: Our team offers in-depth support for every client, so we’re just a phone call away anytime you need extra help.
  • Versatile services: We offer a range of fractional CFO and financial services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, GST/PST filing, consulting, and more.
  • Industry experience: Our company staffs certified financial experts with diverse professional backgrounds, ensuring we can meet the needs of businesses in multiple industries.

The Many Benefits ofWorking With a Fractional CFO
From Virtus Consulting

Partnering with a fractional CFO provides immense benefits, regardless of your business size or recent performance. Consider the potential advantages of outsourcing your accounting to a fractional CFO from the Virtus team:

Corporate Tax Returns
  • Save time and resources compared to hiring a full-time CFO
  • Improve financial accuracy and decision making
  • Enjoy the flexibility of onsite and remote support services
  • Leverage the expertise and specialized skill set of a finance professional
  • Streamline your finances to cut expenses and boost profit
  • Increase productivity by freeing up valuable time
  • Gain valuable business insights and a fresh perspective
  • Ensure accurate recordkeeping and financial statements
  • Reduce stress and anxiety during tax season

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When you partner with Virtus Consulting and leverage our fractional CFO services, you invest in your business’s growth and success. With our personalized service, financial expertise, and vast experience, you can feel confident your business is in expert hands.

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